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We bought our first home together because it has "good bones." Now we're trying to bring them out, one project at a time.

I like Turtles July 29, 2010

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Any other fans of this video out there?

My younger sister is getting married Labor Day weekend. (Yes, we are getting married just over four months apart, it’s been a little stressful for our parents.) This weekend was her bridal shower and bachelorette party! My mother and I took the lead on the shower, which had a turtle theme, since my sister collects them.  One project I did was putting together the favors, which were of course turtle themed.

I started with two boxes of chocolate turtles from Sam’s Club.

Actually, to be honest, I started with a tumbler of wine.  I wasn’t allowed to use a wine glass because they were all clean for the shower.

I printed out some thank you labels with turtles on them on bright colored paper to match the plates, napkins, and cups for the shower.

Put some candy and a label inside a pink or orange cellophane bag.

Tied some ribbon on each side (I could have gotten away with only tying the open side of course, but I liked the symmetrical look of having ribbon on each side).

And then used scissors to curl the ribbon.

And voila!  I put together about thirty of these for the guests, and got a lot of compliments over how adorable they were.  It was a pretty mindless task to do while watching TV the night before the party, and it was nice to break out my crafting skills again for the first time since the wedding.

This post is getting pretty long, so I’ll share some more details of everything my mom and I put together in another one soon!


Our next project? July 22, 2010

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A combination of trying to be financially responsible and being ridiculously busy has kept Rich and I from tackling the next project on our to-do list.  After we recently purchased a new couch, our old coffee table is looking pretty shabby.  It’s a beloved IKEA piece from my first apartment, but it is just not cutting it anymore.

We actually tried to replace the coffee table before we replaced the couch, when Rich built this nifty piece from Knock-off Wood, but the proportions were all wrong for a coffee table (great as a bench in our bedroom though!)

We were considering building a similar piece, but something more proportional to the space, when I stumbled upon this fantastic piece, which was DIYed by Becky at Tea Party.

Source:  Tea Party

Becky used this tutorial from Michelle at Three Men and a Lady.  Combined with another tutorial posted on Young House Love, I’m starting to feel like this is definitely a project within our reach!

So now I’m envisioning a DIY ottoman, similar to this:


I can’t decide between a chocolate brown faux-leather or a fun print though!  The living room is mostly a blank space right now, other than our new neutral sofa.  Any suggestions?


Inception July 20, 2010

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In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not much of a movie goer.  A movie generally has to be something really special for me to want to watch it in a dark, cold theater surrounded by strangers instead of on my comfortable couch with a glass of wine in hand. But Sunday afternoon Rich and I found ourselves with some free time, and he desperately wanted to go see Inception.  Despite the fact that Inception didn’t pass my test for a movie I wanted to see in a theater (up until that point I had only heard of in through a few friends’ facebook updates) I agreed.  I’m so glad I did.

Inception is based around the premise that the technology exists that allows you to enter into someone’s dream and locate their secrets within the subconscious.  A wealthy businessman challenges a group of experts to go one step further – to plant an idea within someone without them realizing where the idea came from.  This challenge involves going several layers deep within dreams, each more unstable than the last.  The different layers and their varying timelines are all woven together masterfully, although it still left my brain hurting by the end as I tried to untangle all the details.

The ensemble cast turns in a great performance.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing, once I got past the “hey, it’s that kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun!” moment.  Between this movie and his recent work “500 Days of Summer,” he is really setting himself up for a nice career resurgence.  Ellen Page was another standout, and I loved the detail of having her character, the architect that creates the maze-like dream worlds, named Ariadne.

Inception is one of those movies where you immediately want to watch it again, to pick up on all the detail you missed the first time. Christopher Nolan has created an extraordinary plot, brought to life with brilliant effects and acting. The shifting gravity hallway fight scene is breathtaking. I spent the last hour holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next.


The only part that disappointed me was the final twenty seconds. I had spent the previous 150 minutes accepting the world Christopher Nolan was creating, and to have him suggest all of that was untrue definitely rubbed me the wrong way. That ending certainly served a purpose though. Without such an open-ended conclusion, I would not still be thinking about the movie, debating it endlessly with my friends, and wishing I could watch it again to determine what truly is reality.


The basics. July 15, 2010

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So, I guess this blog has to start somewhere…

I’m Stephanie.

My husband, Rich, and I live in a 1930’s rowhome in the Philly suburbs with our insane pets:



and Simon.

They may look sweet in those pictures, but trust me, they all have their moments as the worst pets ever.

We just got married April 30th. It was pretty much the greatest day ever.

I expected life to get a little more relaxing once the wedding was over. I was wrong. Between two full time jobs, the dozens of home improvement projects I come up with every week, and cleaning up the constant flow of pet hair, we find ourselves pretty busy. But I secretly love it that way.