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We bought our first home together because it has "good bones." Now we're trying to bring them out, one project at a time.

Our next project? July 22, 2010

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A combination of trying to be financially responsible and being ridiculously busy has kept Rich and I from tackling the next project on our to-do list.  After we recently purchased a new couch, our old coffee table is looking pretty shabby.  It’s a beloved IKEA piece from my first apartment, but it is just not cutting it anymore.

We actually tried to replace the coffee table before we replaced the couch, when Rich built this nifty piece from Knock-off Wood, but the proportions were all wrong for a coffee table (great as a bench in our bedroom though!)

We were considering building a similar piece, but something more proportional to the space, when I stumbled upon this fantastic piece, which was DIYed by Becky at Tea Party.

Source:  Tea Party

Becky used this tutorial from Michelle at Three Men and a Lady.  Combined with another tutorial posted on Young House Love, I’m starting to feel like this is definitely a project within our reach!

So now I’m envisioning a DIY ottoman, similar to this:


I can’t decide between a chocolate brown faux-leather or a fun print though!  The living room is mostly a blank space right now, other than our new neutral sofa.  Any suggestions?


One Response to “Our next project?”

  1. liz2024 Says:

    I love the new couch!! Jen got one for our place that looks very similar! and I love that you are obsessed with younghouselove like I am!!

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