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I like Turtles July 29, 2010

Filed under: DIY — Stephanie @ 12:34 am

Any other fans of this video out there?

My younger sister is getting married Labor Day weekend. (Yes, we are getting married just over four months apart, it’s been a little stressful for our parents.) This weekend was her bridal shower and bachelorette party! My mother and I took the lead on the shower, which had a turtle theme, since my sister collects them.  One project I did was putting together the favors, which were of course turtle themed.

I started with two boxes of chocolate turtles from Sam’s Club.

Actually, to be honest, I started with a tumbler of wine.  I wasn’t allowed to use a wine glass because they were all clean for the shower.

I printed out some thank you labels with turtles on them on bright colored paper to match the plates, napkins, and cups for the shower.

Put some candy and a label inside a pink or orange cellophane bag.

Tied some ribbon on each side (I could have gotten away with only tying the open side of course, but I liked the symmetrical look of having ribbon on each side).

And then used scissors to curl the ribbon.

And voila!  I put together about thirty of these for the guests, and got a lot of compliments over how adorable they were.  It was a pretty mindless task to do while watching TV the night before the party, and it was nice to break out my crafting skills again for the first time since the wedding.

This post is getting pretty long, so I’ll share some more details of everything my mom and I put together in another one soon!


One Response to “I like Turtles”

  1. liz2024 Says:

    Those are so creative stephanie!!

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