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House Hunters, part 2. October 8, 2010

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Right after our first house hunting experience, I went away for the weekend with my girlfriends. I innocently suggested that Rich research some open houses and if I got back in time on Sunday, we could check them out.

He correctly interpreted my suggestion as an order, rather than a request, and found his way to an open house that afternoon.  Which he promptly fell in love with.  He managed to convince the realtor to hold it open until I arrived home, delayed by pouring rain, and we went and checked it out.

What we liked:

  • Colonial architecture
  • Wide open kitchen/dining room
  • Sunroom at the back of the house
  • Separate master bath
  • Finished basement
  • Great schools
  • hardwoods throughout

What we didn’t:

  • On a semi-busy road.

Yup, looking back I can’t remember any other huge dealbreakers for this house.  We liked it a lot, and went home considering it very seriously.  We thought about the fact that there were traffic lights relatively close on either side so the traffic wouldn’t be flying by.  But when I tried to picture future kids riding their bikes on that road, I couldn’t do it.  And the house was on the smaller side, so it probably wouldn’t have been a forever home, so that busy road could have come back to bite us in resale.  After a day, I had given up on it.  But while we were still considering it, I told Rich I wasn’t going to put in an offer on the second house we saw.  He immediately scheduled three more houses for Monday night.

House one was the biggest house we had seen so far, at almost 1900 sqft.  It was advertised as a four bedroom, but one of those bedroom was right off the kitchen and honestly better suited as a family room.

What we liked:

  • More space
  • Amazing upgraded kitchen with stainless appliances and granite counters.
  • Two car garage
  • Corner lot
  • Hardwoods throughout

What we didn’t:

  • The weird addition billed as a bedroom, complete with jacuzzi tub
  • The musty mildewy basement
  • One of the roads was busy, although the other was much quieter

The basement was a dealbreaker for me.  I had no desire to deal with all the headaches that come from trying to manage moisture in a basement.  We headed over to home two, where we found yet another property on a busy road!   Other than that it was adorable, well cared for, and although on the small side, had a great usable layout.

What we liked:

  • Finished basement
  • Huge screened porch
  • Great layout
  • Updated kitchen
  • Already fenced backyard
  • Hardwoods throughout

What we didn’t

  • Yet another busy road
  • Actually smaller than our minimum of 1500 sqft

We were feeling a little discouraged that nothing we were seeing that night was jumping out at us, but we headed to house number three.  Where Rich promptly fell in love again.  I’m glad the man is not so fickle when it comes to relationships.

What we liked:

  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Hardwood floors on two levels
  • Two separate “living” spaces (living room and family room)
  • Separate good sized laundry room
  • Biggest house we had seen yet
  • Split level layout
  • Two levels of walk up attic storage

What we didn’t

  • Carpet on lowest level
  • At the top end of our budget
  • Only one full bath

We left this house very interested, but still wanting to see more.  I was starting to realize just what items off of our original must have list were important, like square footage and location, and what we could think about compromising on.

How many houses did you look at before you found “the one”?


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