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House Hunters, the finale. October 11, 2010

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After our marathon evening of house hunting, Rich and I were both still strongly considering the last house we had looked at. I wanted to see some more options before we moved forward with anything though. So a few days later, we arranged to see three more houses, two of which were in the same neighborhood as our front runner.

The first house we saw was not in this neighborhood. It was actually pretty close to the very first house we had looked at, walking distance to our favorite downtown area.  The listing for this house crossed my path several times without catching my attention, because it had only exterior photos, and the blurb made the sellers sound very desperate.  But after it came up for the third or fourth time, I decided it was worth a look.

What we liked:

  • Location
  • Size – at 2300 sq ft it was the biggest house we had seen.
  • Lot – it was on nearly an acre, very private and wooded
  • Hardwoods throughout two levels, with ceramic tile on the lowest level
  • Split level lay0ut
  • Four bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Two car garage
  • Huge deck out back
  • Two fireplaces

    What we didn’t:

    • The house had been vacant for two years, and showed the dirt, dust, and dead bugs you would expect
    • Deck had some rotting wood that might make it a problem.
    • High taxes.  All the taxes in this school district are on the high side, but this house was the highest we had seen.

    Still, we were intrigued by the potential of this house, there were a lot of room for upgrades and improvements.  We headed back to the  neighborhood we had previously looked at homes in, to look at two other homes for sale in our price range.

    The first was the strangest experience we had while house hunting.  We knew the house was a short sale, but expected the owners were still living there, as they had requested two hours notice before the showing.  But when we arrived there we discovered there was no key in the lockbox (although the front door was left open) and the electricity had been turned off.  The house was still furnished for the most part, but it was very obvious it was no longer regularly occupied.

    We couldn’t see much of the inside since it was already dusk, but it was an almost identical floor plan to the other home we had looked at in this neighborhood so we still checked it out.

    What we liked:

    • Over 1800 sqft
    • Split level layout
    • Awesome screened porch
    • Unfinished basement
    • Great front porch
    • Extra bathroom

    What we didn’t

    • Carpet on upper and lower levels
    • Short sale status
    • Basement smelled musty
    • Weren’t really able to check things out in detail

    We had one more house to see, a few blocks away in the same neighborhood.  This one, to our relief, had electricity, so it already had a leg up on the previous house.  It was another similarly laid out split level home.

    What we liked:

    • Great screened porch off back of house
    • Office/potential fourth bedroom space on lower level
    • Hardwoods on main floor

    What we didn’t:

    • Carpets on upper and lower level
    • No garage
    • Floor plan made fencing challenging
    • Felt smaller than the other similar homes we had seen (possibly because it was the only occupied home of the three)
    • Highest price out of the three we had seen

    After checking out this one, we stood around chatting with our agent in the driveway.  I admitted I was really interested in one home out of the eight we had seen so far.  But, and I quote, I wanted to see “about a hundred more” before I would feel comfortable making an offer.  I mean, our current house wasn’t even on the market!  Why would we rush?  Famous. Last. Words.





    2 Responses to “House Hunters, the finale.”

    1. Lauren Says:

      A hundred more! You’ve got some stamina! I HATED house hunting. Next time? I’m outsourcing it to China.

      • Stephanie Says:

        Yeah obviously I was forced to eat my words on that one, but I was so nervous about picking the wrong house! We are planning on staying put for the next 20-30 years so there was a lot riding on it!

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