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We bought our first home together because it has "good bones." Now we're trying to bring them out, one project at a time.

Shelving Smorgasbord October 26, 2010

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One thing our new house does not lack in is the shelving department.  When we went and looked at it, we counted seven different built in shelving units of various configurations.  After only two days of home ownership, three of them had already been demolished and sent to the garage to think about what they did (or wait for someone to bite on the free craigslist ads I placed.

First we have this beauty, mounted over the living room fireplace.

The previous owner kept this lovely display cabinet full of  ceramic dolls, based on one photo we saw in the listing.  We can’t look at it for too long because you get the feeling all the dolls are staring at you.  Add in the mirrored cardboard on the back and I couldn’t wait to start taking this one down.  And by taking this one down, I mean taking photos while Rich got to work.

Unfortunately our stepstool wasn’t quite high enough for Rich to see the top of the cabinet, but he came up with a pretty clever workaround using his beloved Sprint EVO.

It turned out the mountings were in pretty bad shape, so we had to wait for Rich’s friend Erik to show up with his Dremel (and bonus, the six or so inches of height he has on Rich).  I was off scrubbing the bathroom floors so I missed the exact process that led to the photo below, but I was thrilled to see it regardless.

I was less thrilled with the raw drywall, smoke staining, and damage that resulted from getting the cabinet off, but nothing a little spackle, primer, and paint can’t fix going forward.

Downstairs in the family room, we have this stylish shelving unit.

Oh yes, that is also a wallpapered door and ceiling.  But that’s a topic for another day.  If you’re thinking this looks like something you would see in a school or a doctor’s office, bingo.  The previous owner saw ran his psychology practice out of the home, and this was his office.   And next door in the mudroom/waiting room, there’s a similar set!

Luckily these were a lot easier to take down, all we had to do was lift the shelves off, and then unfasten the rails from the walls.  Of course, the installation involved a combination of nails and screws, some of which were so old they stripped as soon as we tried to take them out, but we still got them down in record time, taking a little of the wallpaper with it.

That wallpaper knows its days are numbered, obviously.

Overall the process took about an hour, we sent both the display cabinet and the shelving to good new homes through the magic of craigslist, and our house is looking a little more open and has a few less surfaces to dust going forward.  The rest of the shelving units (mostly in the bedrooms) are on the list for demolition as well, but they got a brief reprieve because there is only so much demo we can manage in one weekend.



2 Responses to “Shelving Smorgasbord”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Yeah!!! Demo success!!!! How is the home selling going??

    • Stephanie Says:

      At the risk of jinxing ourselves…awesome. Under contract and awaiting the results of their inspection, but looks like we will be down to one house by Christmas.

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