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Things I love: BUILT lunch bag August 20, 2010

Filed under: Things I love — Stephanie @ 5:02 pm

I love reading recommendations from other bloggers about items they love.   I figured I would share some of that love back into the blog world and tell you about something I adore – my BUILT lunch bag.

Here’s why:

1.  It’s huge!  It easily  holds all different shapes of tupperware, and I can easily fit in an entree, a few pieces of fruit, snacks, and silverware.  And it holds my coffee mug for the trip home.

2. It’s machine washable!  Any other regular lunch packers will know that it’s inevitable that at some point your lunch will leak all over your lunch bag.  With previous bags I’ve had, it then gets all nasty and sticky and even if you scrub it out it still smells funny.   With this 0ne, I just turn it inside out and pitch it in the washer and dryer.  Good as new.

3. It’s super adorable!  I have the dot print above, while Rich has one in basic black (boooooring).  A quick perusal of the BUILT website reveals a whole bunch of other prints, which sadly were not available where I purchased mine…

4. Available at Costco!  My personal place of worship.  I love Costco an unhealthy amount.  I snagged my lunch tote there, with some tupperware included, for under $20.

Is my life somewhat lacking that a lunchbag makes me so damn happy?  Or am I just in touch with the simple pleasures?