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Fall TV, part 2 October 21, 2010

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I already told you about how Rich and I watch more TV than it seems should be humanly possible for two people.  The scary thing is, these are only the shows we watch together (well, ok, and a few I watch on my own.  Rich has not been fully indoctrinated into the cult of Teen Mom).  Here’s the rest of our week.


8 pm – Survivor

Yup, people still watch Survivor.  I have watched all 21 seasons without fail, so I’m not going to quit now.  This season features possibly the most vile human being to ever be on the show, Naonka, so at this point I’m watching hoping and praying for her eventual demise.

9 pm – Modern Family

This show is so ridiculously funny, seriously, if you are not watching it yet you need to give it a try!


8 pm – Community

In my opinion, by far the funniest of the Thursday night NBC lineup (although to be fair, I haven’t given Outsourced a chance.  Just kidding…that show looks terrible).  The paintball episode in Season 1 had me laughing until I cried.

8:30 – 30 Rock

Still hilarious.  I pink puffy heart Tiny Fey and Alec Baldwin, any scene with the two of them is brilliant.

9:00 – The Office

Pales in comparison to the glory days of Seasons 2 and 3, but especially with this as Steve Carrell’s last season, I haven’t given up yet.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, it takes a lot to get me to break up with a TV show.

9:00 – Grey’s Anatomy

And speaking of shows I can’t break up with…another one that has never lived up to the great first season or two.  But still, I watch, despite the fact that Thursdays are jammed packed with good TV.  The finale last season was a great episode, so I am curious to see how they all deal with the aftermath of that.


There’s nothing good on TV on Fridays.  The Friday night time slot is where shows go to die (ahem, my beloved Friday Night Lights).  If we’re in on Friday, we’re probably catching up on something we missed earlier that week, or dipping into our Netflix stash.


Not any better.  Another DVR/Netflix night.

And that’s our week!  Now, there are a few other shows that we love, but aren’t current on.  But we are working through both Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother at night before we go to bed.  If we ever get all the way caught up, maybe we’ll add those to our rotation.  But then again, I don’t know if our DVR can handle much more.

What shows do you love?


Fall TV, part 1 October 4, 2010

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The first few weeks of September are a magical wonderful time of year. TV premiere season! I am, without a doubt, a TV junkie. Rich and I have way too many shows to count that we watch, thank goodness for our DVR. Here’s our lineup.

Ravens and Eagles football all day. Often results in us fighting over the remote and trying to record both games so we don’t miss any plays.
8 pm – The Amazing Race. An oldie but a goodie. I’ve been addicted to this one since college, and my college roommate Erin and I went as far as to send in an audition video at one point. I love watching the teams travel all around the world, and watching some relationships become stronger while some deteriorate under the pressure and lack of sleep. I guarantee after about the third night of poor sleep, I would become a raging bitch. That’s why Rich and I aren’t on the race. And why we don’t have kids yet.
9 pm – Dexter. I went on a Dexter marathon this summer, watching Seasons 1-4 in a two month span. I can’t believe I was missing this all along! The show is going to have a hard time topping the Trinity plot of Season 4, but I’m excited to see what happens.

8 pm – I have no shame, because yes, I do watch Dancing with the Stars. I mean, come on, could you have resisted this year’s cast of Bristol Palin, the Hoff, and the Situation? I think not. This is a show during which I am eternally grateful for my DVR, as I fast forward through all the clip packages and Brooke Burke’s awkward interviews to get right to the dancing and critiques. So far this season is Jennifer Grey’s to lose. Love her, want to look like her both now and when I am 50.

9 pm – We had great plans to give Lone Star a chance, since it was getting good reviews, and stars Friday Night Lights alumna Adrienne Palecki.  But since Fox canceled this one after only two episodes, looks like we’ve got an extra hour free.


8 pm – Glee!  I love the poppy goodness of this show.  Sure, the plot lines are ridiculous and unrealistic, but pop music!  Showtunes!  Jane Lynch’s comic brilliance as Sue Sylvester!  There’s guaranteed to be at least a few lines every week that make me laugh so hard I have to rewind the  DVR.

8 pm – No Ordinary Family.  We are only one episode into this one, but I’m really enjoying it!  Typical suburban family suddenly finds themselves possessing varying superpowers after a plane crash into a radioactive river in Brazil.  Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz star as the parents, and they’re both immensely enjoyable to watch.   We’ll see how it holds up over the season, but the first episode at least earned it a regular spot in the rotation.

8 pm – Biggest Loser.  I’m being a little misleading here, because it’s true, I can’t actually watch three shows that are on at the same time.  I’ve got a soft spot for the Biggest Loser, as my former roommate and I used to watch this together every Tuesday, and Rich proposed after an episode in March 2009.  I’m trying to figure out how to set up the DVR to record only the second half of the show, because I think I could get by just fine with one hour of fatties instead of two, but week one of that experiment was an epic fail.

10 pm – Teen Mom.  I wish I could quit this show that follows four of the original teens profiled on MTV’s 16 and pregnant.  Actually, no I don’t.  I hope Amber, Maci, Farrah, and Caitlynn never leave my TV screen.  I have no excuse for watching this other than that is is trainwreck TV of the highest order.  Never change, MTV, never change.

I think I’ll break this one up into a two parter, so expect details on the rest of the television masterpieces clogging up my DVR later this week.

What are you watching this fall?