Good Bones Home

We bought our first home together because it has "good bones." Now we're trying to bring them out, one project at a time.

Virtual Moving November 3, 2010

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To coincide with our actual move this last weekend, I’m announcing a virtual move today. Follow me over to, where I’ll keep on blogging our adventures in renovations.


The basics. July 15, 2010

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So, I guess this blog has to start somewhere…

I’m Stephanie.

My husband, Rich, and I live in a 1930’s rowhome in the Philly suburbs with our insane pets:



and Simon.

They may look sweet in those pictures, but trust me, they all have their moments as the worst pets ever.

We just got married April 30th. It was pretty much the greatest day ever.

I expected life to get a little more relaxing once the wedding was over. I was wrong. Between two full time jobs, the dozens of home improvement projects I come up with every week, and cleaning up the constant flow of pet hair, we find ourselves pretty busy. But I secretly love it that way.